watchOS 4 με 50+ νέα χαρακτηριστικά

Μπορεί το νέο Apple Watch λογισμικό να μην έχει τόσα πολλά νέα χαρακτηριστικά όπως το iOS 11 αλλά πάρα αυτά υπάρχουν μερικές πολύ καλές νέες προσθήκες, βελτιώσεις και αλλαγές.

Παρακάτω σας έχουμε έχουμε ένα βίντεο με 50+ νέα χαρακτηριστικά και αλλαγές του νέου αυτού λογισμικού.

Κάποιες αυτές συμπεριλαμβάνουν τα:

  • New pairing UI
  • New usage tips during pairing process
  • Passcode interface with larger tap targets + red delete button
  • New passcode animation
  • New passcode key click sound effect
  • New vertically scrolling Dock interface
  • Dock can now show Recents or Favorites
  • New ‘All Apps’ option in Dock
  • New ‘List View’ for apps
  • Bolder notifications text
  • New Kaleidoscope watch face
  • Create Kaleidoscope faces via Photos app on iPhone
  • New Siri watch Face
  • Switch between watch faces with the Digital Crown
  • New Toy Story watch faces (coming soon)
  • Person to person payment support (coming soon)
  • New ‘Install’ button in Watch app
  • New Keypad option in Phone app for dialing
  • New on-call interface in Phone app
  • Maps app slightly redesigned with scrolling list of suggestion tiles
  • New Location preferences
  • When Timer goes off, it now has a repeat button
  • Update Music app interface
  • Automatic playlist syncing including Apple Music-recommended lists
  • Updated ‘Now Playing’ complication
  • Slightly modified ‘Now Playing’ interface
  • Add individual albums and artists to Music app
  • Add multiple playlists to Music app
  • Music playback controls integrated into Workout app
  • Camera Remote app now supports video, Portrait mode
  • New News app
  • New News complication
  • New flashlight in Control Center
  • New night workout light in Control Center
  • New emergency light in Control Center
  • New location icon in Control Center
  • New Workout app selection interface
  • Workouts now start immediately
  • New Workout type animation in upper left-hand corner
  • Start back-to-back workouts
  • New High Intensity Interval Training
  • Automatically start music when workouts are started
  • Enhanced swim tracking
  • Gym equipment sync
  • New ‘Express Connect’ setting for connecting to Apple Watch-supported gym equipment
  • VO2 max data logging to Health app
  • New Workout preferences
  • New Activity notifications and challenges
  • Updated celebration achievement animations
  • ‘Now Playing’ auto displayed when playing media on paired iPhone
  • Heart rate app features 24-hour chart

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